Our Company

MD Pictures rich history can be traced back to 2002 with the old logo and located in Bursa Efek Jakarta building with an old logo that has transformed into an iconic logo that inspires. MD Entertainment started up the top flight with a legendary event in 2004 and also pioneered the concept of an event that took place every day.

Back in 2005 was the time when MD Entertainment began to expand the concept of “one-stop” entertainment which in 2007 immediately changed the history of Indonesian film industry by breaking the record for best-selling film in 2008 through the phenomenal film “Ayat Ayat Cinta”.

The year 2012 was a breakthrough that surprised the film industry with the creation of MD Animation, and it didn’t take long “Adit Sopo Jarwo” became an animated character loved and enjoyed by national television and film. Until now MD Pictures has made many excellent works of MD Media Group such as the Habibie film, Danur, Rudy, AADC2 which is a concept with great franchise value.

And in 2018, MD Pictures became a pioneer and raised the winning flag as the first FILM company as a public company and listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.