First MD Foundation Event: Layar Rakyat Indonesia Initiative

On November 2nd, 2023, MD Foundation spearheaded its first official event, “Layar Rakyat Indonesia,” in collaboration with esteemed partners, namely the Adaro Foundation, IDN Foundation, and Rumah Zakat, for this charitable endeavor. These foundations, in conjunction with their respective representatives, embarked on a mission to make a meaningful impact on the lives of underprivileged citizens residing in the Setiabudi area.


MD Foundation Embarks Its First Official Event: Layar Rakyat Indonesia

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The distinguished participants included Manoj Punjabi, CEO and founder of MD Pictures; Shania Punjabi, the Head of MD Foundation; Sanjeva Advani, Commissary of PT MD Pictures; Mohammad Effendi, Commissary of PT Adaro Energy Indonesia and chairman of Adaro Foundation’s Board of Supervisors; Irvan Nugraha, CEO of Rumah Zakat; and Gamma Thohir, representing Garibaldi Thohir.


Therefore, their efforts were bolstered by numerous dedicated volunteers from their respective organizations.


Setiabudi, often perceived as an upscale locale, unfortunately, obscures the presence of an underprivileged community that remains overlooked by many charitable organizations. This event, which spanned from the afternoon into the evening, was thoughtfully designed to provide essential sustenance and cultural entertainment, thus exemplifying the fundamental belief that every individual should have the opportunity to relish enriching cultural experiences.


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The event’s activities commenced in the afternoon as the organizers embarked on a benevolent journey. They visited the homes of underprivileged individuals, bearing “sembako” packages containing essential food and household items.


These packages were intended to alleviate the hardships faced by families enduring economic challenges. Moreover, the organizers actively participated in community-building endeavors, fostering connections and a sense of togetherness among the local residents.


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Later in the evening, the charitable spirit of the event continued at the Setiabudi 1 XXI cinema. The entire theater was exclusively reserved for underprivileged citizens in the area to enjoy MD’s latest cinematic movie, “Kisah Tanah Jawa: Pocong Gundul”.


This experience transcended mere entertainment; it allowed the underserved to partake in cultural moments that they might not typically access.


As the credits rolled on the silver screen, the spirit of charity continued. Food packages (Sembako) were distributed to the departing audience, ensuring not only nourishment for their bodies but also serving as a reminder that joy and entertainment should be accessible to all, irrespective of their circumstances.


md foundation md foundation


The underlying message of “Layar Rakyat Indonesia” is simple: it advocates for equal opportunities for everyone to partake in cultural and entertainment experiences, transcending the barriers that often exclude underserved communities.


By providing both sustenance and the enchantment of cinema, this event serves as a profound testament to the transformative power of compassion. It underscores the belief that happiness and cultural enrichment should be shared with all segments of society.


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